This week 08 October 2017

This Week – 27th Sunday in Ordinary Time

Saturday 7th October: Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary 11am Mass (Ladies Guild Living and dead), 5.50-6.10pm Confessions, 6.30pm Mass (for the people of the Parish)

Sunday 8th October: 9.30am Mass (for the people of the Parish), 3pm Mass RBH (Special intention to Our Lady)

Monday 9th October: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Mass (Mike & Margaret Kenny Golden Wedding Anniversary)

Tuesday 10th October: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Eucharistic Service.

Wednesday 11th October: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Mass (Jack Seddon Jnr. Anniversary)

Thursday 12th October: 10.15am Funeral Mass for Joan Egerton.

Friday 13th October: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Eucharistic Service, 9am St Gregory’s School Assembly.

Saturday 14th October: 11am Mass (Wyre & Ward families), 5.50-6.10pm Confessions, 6.30pm Mass (for the people of the Parish).

Sunday 15th October: 9.30am Mass (for the people of the Parish), 1.30pm Baptism, 3pm Mass RBH (Rita & Ronnie Grundy RIP).


Hospital ‘On Call’ Rota: Fr David all week.

On Call Priests are contactable for emergencies only via Hospital Switchboard 01204 390390. Routine hospital referrals are to Fr David.

Lately dead: Joan Egerton died on 1st October, her funeral will be on Thursday 12th October at 10.15am.

Mass Intentions: Rita & Ronnie Grundy RIP, Wyre & Ward families, Joan Egerton LD (6), Indo Patel LD, Jack Seddon Jnr.(A), Jack Seddon Snr. (A), Ladies Guild Living & deceased, Mike & Margaret Kenny Golden Wedding Anniversary, James Lyon (A), Marie Terese Lyon RIP, Mary Gilligan (LD), Florence Burke (A), Vincent Tonge, Alice Yates.

Please pray for the sick of the Parish Fr John McNamara, Tom Rabbitt, Veronica Higgins, Margaret Gargan, Christopher Smith, Catherine Raper, Billy Harrison, Rose Egerton (Farnworth Care Home), Roy Edmunds, Mary Gallagher, baby Michael Zachery Wilson & Sandra Rennie.

Golden Wedding: Congratulations to Mike and Margaret Kenny on the occasion of their Golden Wedding. Thanks to them for their donation.

Hope in the Future: The Bishop launched this initiative at Salford Cathedral in 4th October 2017, four of us represented the Parish at this event, more news later.

Church Collection: TBC next week.

Financial Update: At a glance from the bank statement 1st -29th September –start balance £40,965.25, money out £3,328.37, money in £7,893.13. Grateful thanks to the Syro Malibar Rite Community for a donation of £250.00. Bolton NHS Foundation Trust has paid the Parish £2,631.23 for Chaplaincy Services from 1st March. The total amount before deductions was £4,144.78. As the Diocese is a registered charity tax should not have been deducted and this was not the case when St Williams provided chaplaincy services. In my previous chaplaincy work the Trust paid the Diocese directly having been invoiced by the Diocese. This has been a constant source of worry to me since I began this Chaplaincy in March, it has taken 6 months for any money to be paid.

Appeal for Eucharistic Ministers: During this year I hope to attend school assemblies most Fridays in term time. Currently John Whitehead and Clifford Mellor lead Eucharistic services, I’m very grateful to both of them. However, it is too great a burden unless others come forward to help with Eucharistic services. Unless we have more Eucharistic Ministers we cannot have services whenever I am away. Thanks in advance for your response.

The Baptism Font & Sign Board: The Sign Board outside Church is being updated by a high class decorator from the Parish who has also lovingly restored the Canon Melvin Memorial Font. Whether the St Gregory’s Font becomes a Holy Water stoop or goes to Fr Lough to be used for its correct purpose remains open.

Monday 9th October: Parish Pastoral Council Meeting 6.30pm – 8pm in the Blue Room.

Wednesday 11th October: Fr David will attend ‘Cor Unum’ (Priest’s Support Group) at Kearsley 11am – 3pm.

Sunday 26th November: Advent Fayre at 2pm -4pm

Sunday 3rd December: Ecumenical Memorial Service at 3pm in Church with refreshments afterwards in the Social Centre

Courtyard Project:  Youth Drop –In for young people aged 15-25 – in Our Lady of Lourdes Parish Centre. Please phone Mary on 07821138122 or email for details. New Volunteers Welcome! Next Meeting is at 7.30pm on 19th October in Social Centre, Cath Stones and Fr David to do outreach work on 11th October at 7pm.

Food Bank: The food bank needs our help, Volunteers are needed for Tesco Food Bank Collections 20th & 21st October at Walkden Tesco, 30th Nov, 1st & 2nd Dec at Tesco Farnworth and Walkden. Details on notice board.

Baby & Toddler Group: Sylvia Bridge who used to run a Baby and Toddler Group in the Parish Centre is trying to gauge interest in restarting the group. The group used to meet on Mondays, between 9.00-11.00am. There is a £1 charge for adults (to

cover the cost of refreshments, no charge for children).

The Caritas Shop and Community Centre: The shop and drop-in centre in Newport St, Bolton is desperately in need of new volunteers, many previous volunteers have come from our Parish.  If you have time to give, even if only two hours a week please contact the shop on 01204 370927 or speak to Julie in Parish Office.

Syro Malibar Rite Community: This weekend on Saturday 7th October the Syro Malibar Rite Bishop is with us at 3pm for the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. Fr Thomas celebrates Syro Malibar Rite Mass this Sunday 8th October for the last time before he returns to India. It is hoped he will be replaced.

This week on Saturday the 7th October, the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, the actual 60th Anniversary of the opening of the Church, the Parish will be consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary at 11am Mass.

On Tuesday 10th October I will join Bishop John and other Clergy at a Catholic Teachers Mass at 4.30pm St Anthony’s Chapel, St Joseph’s High School, Horwich.

I will be on retreat from Monday 16th October until Thursday 19th October 2017.

There are still a few places available in our Nursery class. If you know of anyone looking for a place for their child who is due to turn 3 before Christmas, please ask them to contact the School Office. Thank you.

Every Blessing, Fr David.