This Week 03 September 2017

This Week

Saturday 2nd September: 11am Mass Feast of St Gregory(Fr Stephen Beale Silver Jubilee) , 5.50pm -6.10pm Confessions, 6.30pm Mass (for all the War Dead)

Sunday 3rd September: 9.30am & 11.15am Mass (for all the War Dead), 1.30pm Baptism, 3pm Mass RBH (Dessi Maher LD)

Monday 4th September: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Mass (Mary Horner Anniversary & Living and deceased members of the Ladies Guild)

Tuesday 5th September: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Mass (Mary Nelson Anniversary)

Wednesday 6th September: 8.30am Adoration, 9am Eucharistic Service, 1pm Requiem Mass for Mrs Pat Cain.

Thursday 7th September: 9.45am Requiem Mass for Mick Wheeler.

Friday 8th September: Birthday of Blessed Virgin Mary, 8.30am Adoration, 9am Mass (for the Staff of Maxton House, Farnworth) 11.30am Requiem Mass for Leo Barnes, 6.30pm hoisting of the Marian Flag.

Saturday 9th September: 5.50pm -6.10pm Confessions, 6.30pm Mass (for the people of the Parish)

Sunday 10th September: 9.30am Mass (for the people of the Parish), 10.45am Syro Malibar Rite Mass, 3pm Mass RBH (Special Intention)